Hippie Butler

I’m sure you’ve heard of subscription boxes, but what about a subscription box geared towards a cannabis consumers daily needs? That’s exactly what the Arizona-based 420 subscription box, Hippie Butler, has done. Accompanied by a classy aesthetic, Hippie Butler left no stone unturned when it comes to customization of your purchase. Whether you prefer concentrates or flower, glass or wraps, to even the smaller details such as non-flavored papers or flavored paper, these guys have the option for you.


Recently, I received a few herb Rollers Club boxes, to see what an average customer might receive over a few months time, and Butler box courtesy of my friends at Hippie Butler. The boxes came in a notably discrete packaging, displaying no company name or “hippie” qualities. Looking at the outside of this package, you would not know the contents. After opening the package, there were three smaller boxes and one larger box inside, all decorated in true Butler attire, bowties.


When opening the Rollers Club box, it felt like I was receiving a gift from one of my more heady friends. You’ll find a selection of wraps and papers, rolling tips, a doob tube, a clipper lighter, and several bowtie stickers placed on top of some green wrapping paper. The brands Hippie Butler distributes are all reputable, recognizable names throughout the cannabis community. As I said before, I received three Rollers Club boxes, all with a different variety of flavors and brands inside. The amount of product sent in each box would be suffice for the average smokers monthly needs, possibly more. Not only that, but if you were to order this box on a monthly basis, you would soon have a collection of unique papers, lighters, wraps, and doob tubes to enjoy whenever you please. At the simple cost of $11.99 a month, this could be a huge money and time saver for any recreational cannabis user.


The Butler Box gave the same heady gift effect as the Rollers Club Box, but on a much larger scale. You’ll find a much larger collection of the same items included in the Roller’s Club box, accompanied by a rolling tray, glass spoon pipe, and the original Hippie Butler four piece grinder. You receive a huge amount of product in this box, so its hard to give a clear estimate of how long this would last the average smoker, but I can confidently say it would last well over a month. This really came with everything you could need and is also a very impressive collection to pull out during a sesh. If you were to receive this box for several months, you can expect to have a cabinet or drawer full of items to use for your smoking needs. At $32.99, this is the perfect item for a cannabis connoisseur.



All in all, I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Hippie Butler and their products. I would definitely, and already have, recommend this subscription service to a friend. The Rollers Club box seems like it would be a more reasonable amount of items to solely supply your monthly smoking needs. The Butler box seems more like something an avid smoker might purchase as a monthly gift to themselves or a friend. I will warn you, this subscription service will tempt you to purchase the other varieties and box sizes, because curiosity has left me looking at the website several evenings contemplating the purchase myself. Thank you so much to Hippie Butler for giving me this opportunity to review their products.


(Side Note: Check out their Instagram feed, it’s become one of my favorite things to do after a serious smoke sesh @HippieButler)


Brands Received in Boxes:


Juicy / Juicy Jays


Skunk Brand

King Pin



Rolling Paper Depot