How long does it take to get added to the Arrcus Models’ Premium Subscription?

It can take up to five business days to be added to an Arrcus Model’s Premium Account, though we generally add individuals every other evening.


Is the Arrcus Models’ Premium Subscription a reoccurring payment?


How do I become an Arrcus Model?

Apply in the submission section.

Do you give refunds for any purpose?



Why was I deleted from an Arrcus Model’s Premium Account?

If you break a rule, threaten a model, or harass a model you will be banned from every Arrcus Models’ Premium Account. You will be given no refund and no longer allowed to view any Premium Account sold on this site.


Can I repurchase an Arrcus Model’s Premium Account after I have broken a rule and been deleted?

No, if you try to purchase no refund will be given.


Do you mail me anything when I order an Arrcus Model’s Premium Subscription?



What email can I contact with other questions?

Go to our Contact Page